GRAF: Graph-based Runtime Adaptation Framework

GRAF aims at facilitating the migration of legacy applications towards adaptive software and attempts to reduce necessary changes to the original software. GRAF is based on a generic Java-based software framework that allows software adaptivity by creating, managing, and interpreting graph-based models of software at runtime. GRAF benefits from a generic graph representation for flexible adaptation via query and transformation operations.



Lookitap is a search engine for mobile apps that is capable of searching within the content of apps. The objective of this project is to solve one of the most fundamental challenges in the emerging area of mobile computing: the development of a comprehensive search engine for apps. One of the top-notch features of lookitap is its content-aware search of iOS and android apps, based on a novel technique for extracting the data from within apps and making them searchable. The engine has a high-performance novel ranking algorithm that is designed and developed using advanced mahcine learning, data-mining, and other AI techniques.


AEVA: An Evolutionary Art Generator

Derived from Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection, along with two famous principles of the continuity of chromosomes and the individuality of them, AEVA brings the values of art, mathematics and natural sciences together to create a unique piece of fine art. Evolutionary art is a non-figurative software based work of art. The predominant feature of this type of computerized painting is the translation of mathematics to a combination of colour, line, shape, pattern and shade. Evolutionary art allows the observer to interpret the artwork from diverse range of perceptions; starting from a complete abstract perception with no specific meaning, recognizable subjects and objects, and only an aesthetic shock of luminous colors and patterns, to a representation of a shape, meaning and story through lines, forms and colors.